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Schloss Hollenegg for Design

Alice Stori Liechtenstein lives and works in Schloss Hollenegg, a castle situated in the southern region of Styria. Taking a very strong interest in design culture, she founded the non profit organisation Schloss Hollenegg for Design. She offers young designers the unique opportunity to experiment with new materials and processes and develop new products. The designers in residence programme offers young professionals to refine their skills. The annual exhibition hosts the newest results of research, presenting experimental product design to the public.

MESH was commissioned to support the organisation in submitting the applications for two different funding programmes.

To choose the right funding programme we have to be aware of two different fields of interpretation which design can refer to. With attention to the industrial significance of design it can be viewed as a part of the creative industries which focus on innovation and economic added value. The criteria for the funding programme are the production of prototypes, the creation of new production processes and the commercial viability. However, there is a second side to design – that of creation, experimentation and a process discourse: these fields are close to the cultural industries: the product is seen as part of a process, either remaining a piece of art for itself or being part of an experiment which might or might not result in a prototype.

Design Culture and Creative Industries

Funding programmes either focus on the cultural or the economic aspect. Especially in the fields of design and creative work these different focuses can lead to a vacuum for the project we are concentrating on. Apart from the criteria of the funding programme it is therefor important to know the design policies of the funding authority and take a closer look on the local design industry.

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Pictures: (c) Lipp-Zahnschirm; (c) Philipp Podesser

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