Design + Philosophy = Agency

Or: Design is philosophy is agency. Conceptional work and sale are two pillars which seem to have nothing in common. In conception and execution planning of interior design projects the planner chooses from a wide range of design objects. The agency represents the company offering these design objects. Being both planner and distributor unites these two qualities and also offers a very broad understanding of the international design scene to clients. Designosophy is both agency and interior design conceptionist. 

The tie between the two fields is motivation and the sure instinct in the design of spaces, in the creation of the perfect atmosphere.

“Design is our language. Atmosphere our philosophy.”

The text, composed by MESH, also mirrored this connection. Design is language and philosophy. The atmosphere of familiarity, the intimacy of coming home is the essence of good interior design. The objects tell their story, generated by mindful manufacturing. Interior Design combines these single pieces to one composition which touches us in the instant when we enter the space. Philosophy grows out of this atmosphere. Designosophy creates it.

Concept & Text

MESH created a communication concept reaching different kinds of target audiences. In cooperation with graphic designer Stephanie Hödlmoser and close coordination with Designosophy, the basic texts for different communication channels were created, including the website in German and English.

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Fotos: (c)Alexander Rauch, (c)Alexa Holzer

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