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What is MESH?

MESH offers tailor-made project management and coordinates creative services. The centre of this network is Mirella Bärnthaler, project manager with many years of experience in the creative industries. In addition MESH has specialized in the submission and execution of projects for funding programmes.

What does MESH do?

MESH hits the mark for projects.
Also for those, which have been postponed for a long time. And never get done. Until MESH tunes in. And starts the documentation and processing of your successful project. Or turns the new marketing concept into a campaign. You’ve got a project idea which fits perfectly into the new funding programme. MESH will go for it. And do the overall project management and coordination of all partners.

Name it. We do it.


MESH means network: a pool of knowledge, contacts and experience. Creativity, innovation, change: are they improvised or a side-issue? Success is a longterm programme, with a strategic concept and a clear action plan. That’s why the side-issues have to become the principal thing. Companies concentrate on their core business. We focus on the rest. 

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