Strategy. Communication. Network.


External project management – what does it comprise? Funded projects often demand exact parameters for time and content. MESHservices include project development, implementation and completion as a one-stop shop. MESH takes over control and maintains a constant overview of the process.


MESH offers communication concepts and content management. Within its network MESH creates task forces for different kinds of communication projects presenting all-in-one solutions. Content needs stories. MESH creates these stories for your annual report, a project documentation or for customer relation management. You won’t be only talking about your achievements but you’ll also have them ready for presentation.


MESH means network and the name reflects the mission. Networking means to pick up loose threads and link them. MESH is based on solid partnerships and acts as an intermediary cross-connecting the parties involved. MESH examines funding options for your project. As a project scout MESH always aspires to the successful realization of your project.

Project Management

Conception, handing in and execution of projects in funding programmes. Professional guidance of middle- and longterm projects.


Analysis of the communication needs, Analyse des Kommunikationsbedarfs, strategic development annd implementation of measures.


MESH connects and offers alternative financing concepts such as crowd-funding
or sponsoring.

Content Management

Preparation of project content for documentation and dissemination via digital and analogue media.

Project Subsidies

Research and selection of applicable funding programmes in the European Union, on national or federal level. 

Relationship Management

Customers or partners – respectful interaction is the foundation of successful communication.

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